What is sexuality and LGBT?

As you grow up, you will probably find yourself thinking about the people you are or are not attracted to. This is called your sexuality. When we talk about sexuality many people will refer to LGBT this stands for ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans’ and is used to cover people who are not heterosexual.

Sexuality can be confusing. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure. In time, you’ll find that you’re drawn mostly to men or to women or to both or to neither, and you’ll know then. Don’t panic or rush to make your descision being young is the opportunity to figure out what works for you, so take your time!

What is gender identity?

Gender identity (how you feel about your gender) and sexuality (your sexual preferences) aren’t the same thing, but they’re both linked. Most young people grow up thinking of themselves as either a boy or a girl, and they don’t question which they are (their gender). But for some people, gender is more complicated. If you’re experiencing discomfort, uncertainty or you simply want to talk it through with someone about your gender, the important thing is to talk to an adult you trust.

Sexuality and gender can be confusing, and they can also take a little time to work out. If you would like some advice or support along the way please take a look at some of the dedicated services below.

Croydon LGBT and gender identity services

The Bridge Youth Club  provides an environment where young people can engage in various youth club activities, while also sharing their feelings about their sexuality, sexual orientation and gender identity. The Bridge offers a safe, social space and members offer each other support in the wider community as well.

The Bridge runs two weekly groups, one for people aged 11 – 16 and one for people aged 17 – 25.

We also signpost young people, where necessary, to various organisations locally and nationally for additional support, information and advice. Staff at The Bridge also offer information and advice for parents and carers, and professionals, especially teachers and social workers

Free training sessions are available to professionals working in Croydon.

For more information about joining the group call us on our mobile number: 07850308841, Landline number: 020 8305 5004 or email Sarah on: youth@metrocharity.orgluk


National LGBT services

National gender identity services